Repairs and maintenance

New Zealand’s diverse weather conditions affect almost everything to some degree and timber is no different. Big Mac’s all weather coating, Elastocure, has a UV reflector in it to help reduce the impact of NZ’s high Ultraviolet light.

However, after 2 years the UV protection becomes less effective. This is why we recommend a maintenance coat every 2 years to the areas which are exposed to the sun in order to maintain good UV protection.
Sometimes, when there is an extreme change of temperature, cracks may form. These should be filled with Elastocure as soon as possible to avoid the crack getting bigger.

In extreme situations, our Elastocure Crack Filler may be required, feel free to contact us and we will send some out to you.
Elastocure is water based, making it very easy to apply. See the instructional videos below for more info, or download our maintenance info sheet.

You can purchase the Light Oak Elastocure or Mid Oak Elastocure from our store.

If you have any concerns – email a picture to and we will advise you what to do.

Bench seat maintenance

Table maintenance

Round table maintenance

Crack repair

Restoring furniture