Welcome to Big Mac Slabs

Boutique, hand crafted indoor and outdoor furniture and design solutions made by Kiwis for Kiwis.

The Big Mac Story

Big Mac Slabs Furniture started in 2003 as a byproduct of Andy’s arborist business in Masterton, utilising Macrocarpa’s that had been felled due to old age and safety.

By 2008, Big Mac Slabs had grown to be our core business. We wanted to focus on sharing our renewable, sustainable, circular economy ethos. Providing both residential and commercial sectors with an alternative to the commonly used low quality plastic options flooding the market.

In 2009, the Plimmerton site was opened to service the increasing demand for our naturally produced, NZ made furniture in the greater Wellington region.

Fast forward to 2015, our entire operation relocated to our Paraparaumu Creative Centre as part of our effort to reduce the environmental footprint with transport as Big Mac Slabs became a nation wide business.

Nine years on, we are proud to be providing high quality, durable and environmentally friendly furniture solutions right across the country. Not only for your Kiwi backyard BBQ’s and family gatherings, but throughout the hospitality sector, parks and schools, aged care facilities and early childhood education centres.

Our Values

At Big Mac Slabs, we have strong family values and love to get together with our extended family round the table – quite literally. We help others create family memories and encourage our next generation to understand sustainable principles, so they too can preserve the beauty of our country.

Big Mac Furniture is created from Macrocarpa trees that have become unstable after 60+ years of serving as shelter belt trees.

The process of milling all happens on site so that everything is used right down to the wood shavings that end up in Gardens, Chicken Coups or Compositing Toilets.

Our coatings are water based with UV inhibiters to provide longer life and easy repair should they get damaged by enthusiastic revellers. And, are food safe.

Our products are designed to stand the test of time as well as the challenges of NZ’s weather and a good Kiwi Get together.



“We absolutely love our table setting, having something big enough to fit the whole family around makes every occasion a great one for all!